Thursday, January 10, 2013

What a Roller Coaster

There was a lot of back and forth this morning between our agency and team in-country. Our flights were going to have to be postponed due to an additional hearing the judge requested. But now we are told to still come as planned, but there may be delays in country for processing our paperwork because we can't begin it until this new hearing is over. The judge wants to hear from our orphanage director one more time (who is completely on our side and I have no doubts she'll agree to the adoption again). There is news from Putin's press secretary that they will continue adoptions for one year as agreed to in the adoption agreement signed last summer. There is still uncertainty as to if families who haven't had court already will be able to finish, but it sounds hopeful! All I know is we will be there soon and once we have hold of our son we will not let him go!

This also means we may not be able to come home on the 19th as planned, so I will keep you posted for those that were thinking about greeting us at the airport :-)

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and well-wishes, they do mean so much to us while we ride this roller coaster!

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