Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Small update

The ombudsman's office and the attorney he appointed to our case are having a conference call with all the local judges tonight to discuss our situation and those that are in the same limbo. We don't expect this to speed the process up, but hopefully it will provide some clarity as to how much longer we will have to wait once the fifteen days are up.

I haven't seen Gabe since last week because he got conjunctivitis (pink eye) and a cold, so they advised us not to come visit until he is doing better. I miss that boy! I'm trying to figure out what he will think if I come visit him without Brian. He loves brian so much because he gets down on the floor and wrestles with him. He's such a fun dad. So I have a bag packed with a few surprises that I hope he'll like. I love that he has already figured out that dad is the fun rough-housing parent and mom is the soft place to land. Can't wait to see him again.

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