Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Drama

I wish I came with better news today, but unfortunately we have run into another road block. Our judge will STILL not issue our decree. She says that according to Russian law, we must wait fifteen days from the date of the decision last Tuesday to not issue the decree. On the fifteenth day they will meet as judges in the court to decide whether to denounce their earlier refusal to issue the decree. According to the new statement from the Supreme Court, they MUST denounce it. But then what? Will they issue some new ruling that requires yet another waiting period before it takes effect? We are trying to find this out.

We have contacted the Ombudsman's office and the attorney they appointed for us last week. They said they would look into it, and seemed as surprised as we did with today's news.

Our judge has always seemed in favor of our adoption, so we don't believe she is trying to hurt us intentionally. But it sure sounds like someone is playing games behind the scenes. Unfortunately, we are caught up in it all.

I know I have asked so many time before, but can I ask you to pray for my children? The emotional toll is getting higher each day, and I just received a video from my oldest daughter crying and asking how much longer until I can come home. My heart is breaking for them. I'm sure this has all been so hard for them to understand. Thank you so much.


  1. Oh how frustrating! I am sorry that your kids at home are feeling it too! You bet...many prayers coming your way!

  2. I will pray for your children at home! I know how hard it was for mine, and I just had the 3 regular length trips! Asking God to comfort them while you are away. Stay strong Becky. You are doing a fabulous job!