Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 4, visit 3

Our visits just keep getting better, and I am so thankful. I found myself so ready to see him again. We asked to see him unaware, so we could see how he interacted with his groupa, so we were kind of hiding behind a building waiting for the kids to come outside. That's why I am peeking out from behind the building in one of the photos. But he actually snuck up on us because his groupa wasn't coming outside at that time. He saw us again from a long ways away and waved at us then came running with open arms!

Alla told me today that he's been talking to his caregivers about us, his mama and papa and our visits. That was good to hear.

Today we spent the whole visit outside again and he loved it. First he rode on a little car, then he saw some workers using some power tools to fix a door, so he immediately went running to the sound and made all kinds of words about it. He is such a good imitator, making the power tool sounds and imitating our words. I think he will pick up sign and English very quickly.

Brian played with him in his playhouse (did you notice that it's the same one from his Reece's Rainbow photo??!). But then I got out my umbrella and he thought that was amazing. I showed him how to open it and he took off with it. He was cute, holding the umbrella over each of our heads in the pretend rain.

He played a lot with Brian today, running and chasing, pretend watering the grass again, collecting apples. When we came back to a little pavilion, I started singing him a song and that was it. The boy LOVES music and dancing. He had the whole stage to himself and strutted around like a king. When we would get done with one song, he would say, "la la la" which meant sing another song. We got some good video of this (I'll try to post it here).

I know that in older child adoption especially, it takes time to bond with the child, and he with you. But I felt my heart grow for this boy today in a big way. I pictured myself with him at home and it felt so right. He let me carry him today and didn't try to wiggle out of my arms. It felt heavenly! He also let me hug him for more than a second! He seemed calmer at the end of the visit, like he was figuring out he didn't have to rush to try every little thing at once.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye. We took him upstairs for his lunch with his groupa, where he sits on a small bench to take off his jacket, hat and outside shoes. He then brought over his inside shoes and handed one to each of us then sat back down on the bench and gestured for us to put them on him. He gave Brian a big hug before saying "paka paka" (bye bye). Then we heard him go in the lunch room and tell his caregiver about the "da da" (man) and woman and being outside.

He has such a large personality stuffed inside a very small person. There are many things about him that remind me of Jake. I can already imagine them dancing to music together. Anyway, off to the photos from today. I have more photos from my camera that I can't put on yet, so when we get home I'll have to do a catch-up post with photos and video.

P.S. the blue bootie he has on one foot he found on the ground. They are the booties you have to put on inside the orphanage when you're on the carpet. He thought he was SO cool with that thing on. He used his little foot like a broom to sweep up the entire pavilion floor. We have added "toy broom" to our list of things to bring on our second trip :-). Sweeping is his favorite thing it seems.


  1. I adore all the updates! Thanks for sharing these special moments with us!

  2. He is so precious! What a spunky guy. So happy the visits are going well. <3

  3. Wonderful pictures! He looks so very happy. :) I'm so glad all is going well.