Saturday, February 2, 2013


*Had to post from the phone tonight, so all the photos are lumped at the bottom. I wish Blogger would make their app a bit more user-friendly! Any suggestions on an app that posts to Blogger and on which you can arrange photos with captions?*

This morning we headed out to a tourist market outside of the center, almost to the end of the Metro line, to look for souvenirs and just have fun. It was super cold and our feet froze, but we still had a good time and found some fun things to bring home at excellent prices.

We stopped first at the community center so Sally could do a quick errand. I noticed the neat stick broom and snow shovel leaning against the building and took a photo because they are so different from what we are used to. They use snow shovels like the ones we are used to here too, of course, but you'd be amazed at how efficient those stick brooms can be! Anyway, Jeana told me to go get on the broom so she could take a photo, but I told her I was way too warm and comfy in the car. So she did it herself. What a good sport!

When we had bought the little Russian dresses for our girls our first week here, we posted a photo of them in a facebook group for moms who have adopted from Russia, and soon had some requests to buy some on their behalf to bring home. By the time we had picked out the dresses we needed, this kind vendor's eyes were big! He was a very nice man.

We also got hooked up with a vendor that Sally knows and he got us excellent prices on some matryoshka dolls to bring home to friends and family. I hope I got enough of them! I did splurge a little to by myself one souvenir from Russia, this gorgeous hand-painted "Father Frost." We got to meet the artist who painted it herself; she and her sister paint all the Santas for this particular vendor. The details are incredible, and the colors are great. I think this guy will need to stay up all year.

After the market we headed back home cold and tired, and I was able to have another great nap. Man, when sleep hits me it hits hard! I guess I'll be needing all the rest I can get because soon I'll be chasing a little Russian around :-)

Goodnight all!

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