Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Need A Miracle

The news out of Moscow is looking grim, with rhetoric now including even those families who have passed court, like us, not being able to bring their children home. Will you pray that Putin vetoes this bill that has already passed Parliament? This little boy needs a family that will cherish him just the way he is....


  1. We are praying and our hearts are breaking!!

  2. I just want to scoop up that baby Gabe in that picture a few posts down! Im just so thankful he knows you love him. Im feeling more confident each time I look over this past year. I think when God told your heart to "do it now" - it was because the timing would be perilous and it literally was the final hour. Hang tight and let the miracles happen as they may. I have been shocked over and over again at how things play out....