Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Boy

We woke up this morning with anticipation in our hearts.  I didn't eat nearly as much as yesterday, I think because I was too excited to get to see Gabriel so soon.  I did, however, take the time to enjoy this delicious chocolate muffin (and maybe I managed to take a couple more back to my room, but I'll never admit it :)  (Facebook adoption friends, shhhh....)

This was Brian's breakfast.  He didn't have as much of the local fare this time as yesterday, but you get the idea.
photo (26)

We have been awake very early here because of the time difference (10 hours ahead of Idaho time), so we had plenty of time to go back to our room, pack our bag, and come down to the lobby to email friends and family and read the local paper.  I really enjoy reading the newspaper, wherever I am (I get this from my mom), and it is always especially interesting to read things about America from an outsider's perspective.  As I was reading a story I glanced down at the weather forecast.  At least we're not traveling to Novosibirsk like friends of ours!  The weather here has actually not been bad at all.  It is cold, but not much worse than what we've experienced growing up in Utah.  It is more humid, however, which makes it feel much colder than at home.


Soon enough beautiful Alla walked through the lobby doors and we were off!  We found out as we were driving that we were going to pick up the social worker who is in charge of all the children in Moscow.  She will be at our court hearing tomorrow and will testify to how she saw us interact with Gabe, and whether she thinks we will be a good family for him.  Talk about pressure!  But I decided before she even got in the car that when we were with Gabe, I would tune out any adults around us and just focus on him.  He is why we are here.  Our bond that has already started is real, and I would focus on that.  What the adults see when we play together would hopefully be a reflection of that truth.

She was a very pretty, well-dressed woman who seemed kind enough.  We started out for the orphanage.  Talk about excitement!  The closer we got, the more familiar the surroundings became, until I recognized the turn we would take to make the windy path to the orphanage gate...

We got out of the car, Alla, Brian, the social worker and I, and approached the gate.  The security guard inside questioned Alla and the social worker for a moment before buzzing the gate to let us in.  They really do keep the kids secure and safe here.  

We checked in with the security guard.  Alla had to show her passport and the social worker her government credentials.  Then we walked only a few steps to the end of a long hallway where we waited for what seemed like forever while they contacted the right people to find the boy!  We met several of the staff, none of whom we could understand, but their body language and smiles told us they were very happy to see us.  It made us more excited than ever!

Finally we headed down the hallway and up the familiar flight of stairs that led to the cloakroom just outside the kids' eating area.  He wasn't there, but that's where we were told to stay and put down our things.  The social worker and Alla spoke for a minute and then Alla asked us to tell the social worker a little about ourselves.  I started to tell her we were from Idaho, had been married for 13 years and had three children.  Apparently I had a huge smile on my face because she interrupted me to tell Alla she could tell we were Americans because the Americans always have big smiles on their faces!  When Alla told me this I said, "well, that's because we're about to see him again!  Of course I'm smiling!"  And just then, we heard his familiar little shout, and he suddenly appeared, looking smaller than ever but with a huge grin on his face!  He smiled at us and immediately put his palm to his chest, saying "me?", asking if we were there for him.  Yes, little man, we are here for you.

I grabbed him and hugged him and he didn't resist too much.  He recognized our bag right away and wasted no time digging through it looking for something to play with.  What was the first thing that caught his attention?  Of course....

photo (27)

As soon as I took it from him, he saw the next most exciting thing in the bag....his new shoes!  He was so, so excited about them.  Brian caught it all on camera, it was great!

I love how proud he was of them!  He stomped around in them and seemed so happy about it.  He lifted his pant legs to show them off.  He looked so cute in them.  I can't wait to dress him up as the handsome little guy he is.  

After getting over the shoe excitement, we played with the doodle-pro, ate some bananas & crackers, used wet wipes to clean all the walls, seats and mirrors (he loves to help), and just laughed and played a whole lot!  

photo (23)
Playing with the stickers on our hands.  We would give each other five with the stickers squished between our hands. He thought that was funny :)

photo (25)
Just chillin' with our banana.

Dressing up in mommy's hat and scarf.  Again, asking if these are his.  Cute kid.

Showing dad his new getup.  
Cleaning the walls.  Notice how he had taken Brian's shoe covers to wear himself.  :)

My favorite of the day.
So tomorrow morning we head back to the orphanage for our last visit.  Not just of this trip, but ever.  After tomorrow, the next time we go to the orphanage will be to pick him up, forever.  

Our court hearing is at 4 p.m. local time, which would be 6 a.m. Idaho time.  Please pray for us!  My heart is fluttering a little just thinking about it, even though I  am sure everything will work out fine.  The social worker told us at the end of our visit that she is very happy Gabriel will be adopted.  She wished us well and told us she would see us at court tomorrow.  

Paka for now!  


  1. What a sweetie in those shoes. I love that. He is such a little angel! Will be praying for court tomorrow!! You'll do fine!

  2. I am so excited!! He is adorable and I cannot wait to meet him in person. Adoption is so wonderful. :)

  3. I am anxiously awaiting to hear what happens in court!!