Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Short Update & a big Thank You

I have a whole post ready to go about our visit to the playhouse raffle.  It was awesome!  But I took my small camera and my computer won't read the photo card on it (too old I guess) and I can't find the cord.  I will go on a hunt and hopefully get the post up.  Let's just say it was amazing and we met some of the best Boise has to offer!

We finally found out that our coordinator has an actual appointment with the Ministry of Education next week to register our paperwork!!!  It has taken this long because the official at the Ministry has been on vacation and won't be back until Monday.  That means we will get our travel date the following week, if all goes according to schedule.  So it looks as if we will be traveling in mid-September instead of August :(.  I guess it is good because our kids start school next week, and it would have been difficult to leave them after only two days of school (especially Jake, who is starting 1st grade and full day, which should be interesting!)  This will give us some time to settle in to a school routine.  But it is killing me to think about waiting that much longer to see our boy!

Today was a stressful day at the shop and Brian said, "let's just get on a plane and go to [Arnold's country]!"  Some days it seems as if that day will never come, but I know it will and look forward to it more than anything right now.

Jake was laying in bed with me the other night and told me it was time to go get Arnold.  He said, "you got to get all your papers, and we get a babysitter, and you go get Arnold!"  Then he came up with a better idea: "two brothers!  I have two brothers and one sister, mom!"  So now Jake thinks we need to pick up two boys and a girl.  Oh boy, I don't think I'm up for that right now, Jake!  I love that he knows that we have to do lots of paperwork (sometimes he calls it my homework) in order to bring Arnold home.  He knows how hard we have been working toward getting on that plane.

So, not a ton of news, but at least we know that paperwork is getting turned in next week!  Wahoo!

I would like to say thank you to the anonymous donor who almost gave me a heart attack yesterday when I looked at our FSP page on Reece's Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!  Your kindness will not be forgotten!!!! Thank you...

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