Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House Update- BIG news!

Oh wow, I have an awesome update to share with you regarding the Little Red Riding Hood house giveaway some incredible people are doing for us.

I just heard this morning that Christy and Aubrey have been in talks with the owners of Edwards Cinema in Boise and they have generously offered to house the playhouse in their courtyard on Thurs-Saturday nights until August 16th!!!!!!!!!!!!  That day we will be there to draw the winner of the playhouse!!  I am still in awe over the whole thing.  Christy has been on the phone for days trying to find a public place to put the playhouse to get more people in front of it, to share the situation for orphans with special needs and our situation in particular, but door after door was closed.  Well, I guess each door was closed so that this one could swing wide open!

After securing the spot for the playhouse, these hero women walked in to Channel 7 (NBC) here in Boise and told them all about it.  They want to cover the story!!  You may even see something about it this weekend on the news, so stay tuned!  Christy called me while they were on their way home from the meeting with channel 7, and we both were just a mess talking about all the little things that have lined up to make this possible.  She's going to post some of the stories of the many generous people she's met along the way to making this giveaway possible.  We talked about how many families there were, even locally, who would be more than willing to adopt one of these children, especially if the financial burden can be alleviated or eliminated altogether.

I also forgot to mention in my earlier post that donations are $5.00 per entry, or $20.00 for five entries!  You can enter the giveaway by donating here on this blog (click on the photo of Arnold on the side bar), or at Boise's Rainbow by clicking on the heart "donate" logo.  Just leave a comment on either blog telling us how many tickets we need to enter for you.  Your comments are moderated, so we don't have to publish them if you don't wish.  We know a lot of people in Utah, and are definitely willing to drive the house down to any who may win it!

I wish I were more eloquent with my words, or at least more organized with them.  I wish I could convey what my heart feels like at this very moment.  To be part of something bigger, greater than myself, is the best feeling I think one could have.  I am so grateful to be a part of this little boy's story. I am so grateful to soon be a mother again.  I am so grateful for the kindness of friends and strangers alike.  I will never forget each story or miracle I've been blessed to be a part of during this adoption. I am grateful to God for speaking to my heart, and to my husband's heart, telling us to step out in faith and choose this child.  I still remember the feeling I had when I saw him, my heart started pounding so loudly, I felt so unsettled, like I knew I was seeing something life-changing and of utmost importance, but I was so scared!  Who am I to say I will take this child, half way around the world, and give him the home he deserves?  Who am I to be so confident that I could love him like my own?  Who am I to believe I can juggle four children and their various needs?  So many doubts and questions in my mind, yet an unyielding pounding heart told me that in spite of all my fears, I had to do this.  I knew without a doubt it was right.  I knew that I could love this child because I've been able to love my own three as they each came along while not taking an ounce of love from the ones before them.

I've only had that feeling a few times in my life.  And I know that once I have it, I have to follow it, no matter how hard the journey, because coming out the other side has always been worth the faith it required. I have felt the presence of God in my life too many times to discount that he is the one who gives me these feelings.  I know that there may be huge challenges once Arnold is home.  I am not ignorant to the many possibilities of attachment problems, behavior issues, and on and on.  But I choose to believe that I will not go through them alone.  I have the best family in the world and we have dear friends who will be there for us.  And I will just hope that he will adjust beautifully and all my preparation for these issues will be for naught.  But if they do become issues, I will love him anyway.  I will love him just as he is.  I will do my best to make his transition as easy as possible, but if it's not, I will stand beside him until he is comfortable.  I will do whatever it takes.

I didn't intend to get off on a tangent, sometimes they just come out!!  Anyway, if you are local and would like to help us in another way, here is your opportunity:  We need people to help "man" the playhouse and sell tickets on Thurs-Sat from 6-10pm.  If you are interested in helping us out, for any amount of time during those hours, please contact me at and I can call you.  Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read this and for any good thoughts you've sent our way.  We can't wait for the day we can pay it forward and help other families make this same journey!


  1. I am from Pocatello, Id and my family will be in Boise this weekend. We will see the house this weekend! I am so excited! I will be giving my house donation in person! I already bought some tickets for my best friend for her birthday in Arnold's name. I cannot wait to show my kids the house! I really hope that it goes to Arnold. What an awesome blog entry you wrote, what a great mom you are and will be for Arnold. God bless you!

    1. That is wonderful!!! Thank you so, so much for your support! What a neat thing to do for your friend...that is just inspiring! Maybe we'll see you this weekend, we're hoping to be there for some of the time.

  2. If this is covered by the teevee news, let me know - I'd love to see if I can watch it online. You have some amazing friends.