Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Small World After All

I told myself I was going to bed early tonight.  Midnight has been my bedtime lately and it is not working out for me.  But then I saw this photo on Facebook and got to thinking about how small our world really is.  
This adoption has opened up a whole new world to me.  I have seen many hard things in the months we have pursued Arnold.  I have seen photos of children tied to their cribs, in what they term "laying rooms."  These are rooms they put the "severely" disabled children who aren't worth the effort because they are probably going to die anyway.  And who am I to judge the people caring for these kids?  It is probably the sad reality, in most cases, that these women who work in these orphanages honestly don't have the resources to care for each child individually like they wish they could.  But do you know what?  I have the resources.  Or I should really say we have the resources, because our adoption of Arnold wouldn't be possible without a whole slew of people who have provided resources for us.  
When I see photos like the one above, and those of these children living in despicable circumstances, it hurts, like it always has since the first time I became aware of hunger, disease, pain and suffering, and injustice in the world.  But something inside of me has changed.  Now I look at these photos and believe I can do something about this.  We can do something about this.  

Today as Brian and I were talking about where we stand financially on this adoption, I became excited thinking about what I was going to do after.  After he is home.  After life has resumed a new normal.  After he is safe in our arms.  I am going to advocate like crazy for children who are in need in this world.  If not me, then who?  I have "met" some of the most amazing women and men through this adoption journey, who have hearts of gold and mama bear instincts like no other who fight for orphans with special needs like their own lives depended on it!  The women in the Facebook group for Reece's Rainbow are just incredible.  They rally around families who are adopting like they're extended family.  And most importantly, they rally around the children.  You should see the posts and excitement when another child is placed on the "My Family Found Me" page on Reece's Rainbow.  You can feel their joy, see their tears, as they proclaim things like " did you see (insert child's name here) is on MFFM???!!!  Oh I have been praying for him since I first laid eyes on him!"  They rejoice like the child was their own.  I admire these women so much.  I am so grateful that they are there in the wings for us, if any need arose.  Everyone needs a community like that.  

Right now there are so many little things going on in the background around here, all having to do with our own adoption. As my own pride gets in the way of asking for help many times, it will be nice when I can shift my focus to advocating for others, especially the children.   

The child in the photo above could be anyone's child.  It is anyone's child.  It is our child-the world's child, and we can all do something about that. 

We can start changing it for the better in our own homes, churches, neighborhoods, states and country.  The world truly is a small place.


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