Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update and First Fundraiser!

Enjoying apples last summer.

Tonight we finalized our appointments for the home study!  They will be next Sunday (May 6th), Monday and Wednesday.  Our social worker is very excited that we're adopting a child through Reece's Rainbow, and knows our urgency at getting everything done quickly.  This is such a blessing, and I pray that things will go smoothly.

We've also decided, upon the urging of some great friends, that we will have a yard sale fundraiser!  If you aren't aware, the costs to adopt from Arnold's country are enormous, around $35,000.00-40,000.00.  Not many of us have that kind of money hanging around waiting to be spent :)  We have secured nearly 2/3 of that so far, and are trying to come up with the last $10,000.00.  Will you help me get the word out?  If you are in the Treasure Valley area, and would like to help, let me know if you have some items you'd like to donate to the yard sale.  I can pick them up, or you are welcome to drop them by our house any time!  Email me at and I can give you our address and my phone number.  Things that sell well at yard sales: clothing, books, furniture, tools, home accessories, and more.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help!  We plan on having some baked goods to sell also, as well as a drink cooler, so if you don't have anything to donate you are always welcome to bake something or donate some beverages for us to sell!  Anything helps, and we are so appreciative!  The tentative day of the yard sale is May 26th.  I am hoping to hold it in the parking lot at Columbia High or Skyview High.  I would welcome any ideas you might have to make our yard sale a success, so if you're a yard sale pro, or frequently visit yard sales, let me know your secrets!  :)


A few other random things:

Tonight after the kids were all in bed, Kennedy came wandering out, saying she couldn't get to sleep.  She had only been laying in bed for five minutes, so I told her to go try again.  Then she said, "well, I can't stop thinking about Arnold.  Sometimes I worry about him."  We talked about what she was worried about, and I assured her that his caregivers truly care for him, and he also has a special friend who visits him every week and loves him dearly.  That made her feel better, then she asked if we could say a prayer together for Arnold.  It was a very special moment for me.  This girl amazes me, with her awareness of others and her sensitivity to what goes on in the world.  She is the best big sister to her siblings, and just has a strong inner sense of what is truly important in life.  I love her more than words could ever express.  She is so excited to get another little brother.


Why aren't we adopting a child from our own country?  We know that there is a need in the US for babies with Down syndrome and other special needs who need families, especially older children.  However, after much thought and prayer, we determined that although helping a child here would also be wonderful, the circumstances under which children in Arnold's country live just could not be ignored.  An orphan with special needs in the US does not live in an orphanage, but with foster families, most who truly love and care for these children and give them their best.  An orphan here does not get sent to a mental institution as a child, sometimes tied to their cribs, malnourished, ending up dead within months from these conditions.  An orphan here receives treatment for all major medical problems. A six-year-old orphan in Arnold's country/area of the world may weigh as little as 15-20 pounds and be severely delayed, not just from a medical diagnosis, but more from simply a lack of basic human needs like touch, human interaction, food, etc.  In other words, adopting an orphan from Eastern Europe means saving a life. I  keep picturing our little Jake in that kind of situation.  How could I turn my back on him?  I know I can't save them all, but I can save one.  "When ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have only done it unto me."  Adopting from Eastern Europe has nothing to do with not being patriotic, taking care of "our own," or being elitist.  It has to do with a belief that all children are children of God.  We believe God is no respecter of people,that he doesn't see borders like we do.  We believe He does care what we do with our lives, and has commanded us to love one another with the same love that He has for us.  We just feel that adoption is one way we can follow that commandment.  This is what I love about the world, there are many ways to show our love for each other as human beings.  I know many people who do many amazing and wonderful things for others.  I hope to come close to being that kind of person.  And of course, the connection we feel to Arnold as our son is real.  We have come to love him so much already, and know that he is meant to be in our family.  

Thank  you again for your love and support.  We love you all and are so glad you are on this journey with us!


  1. So excited about the progress!!! You used is real name in this post, thought you would want to change that:) Sending a little bit of money soon too!

  2. Yikes, I'll fix that :). Thanks for letting me know!