Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do you believe in miracles?

Taken near our home last spring.
Do you believe in miracles?  I think back to stories in the Bible, about Christ healing the blind, leper, raising the dead.  I used to think how the people who didn't believe he was the Christ must be crazy-how could you see such a miracle right in front of you and not believe?  But like my sister-in-law mentioned just the other day, all you have to do to see a miracle today is look around.  They are everywhere.  Life has taught me that so much depends on our perspective. I have seen miracles since committing to this beautiful little boy, Arnold.

The same night that our names were revealed on Reece's Rainbow, I received two emails congratulating us and saying how these people had been watching Arnold's story and hoping and praying for him.  One of them told me about the woman's blog who had featured Arnold as part of a week-long effort to bring to light the plight of orphans who are "transferred" to institutions.  It was this feature that spurred a kind-hearted and generous woman to donate a very large sum to Arnold's grant on Reece's Rainbow.

Later, I received another email from the woman who actually sent that story/picture of Arnold to the web site to be featured.  This incredible woman had already featured Arnold on her own blog, narrating a beautiful story she had created about Arnold's life.  She based her story on the stories of other orphans who had been in his same situation: nearing the age of transfer from the baby house to an institution.  For me, it was surreal reading her description, because it was almost exactly the same story we had in our minds as well.  How grateful I am that she will now be able to write the true story of Arnold-a story of redemption, a family, love, a home.

And finally, I received an email from the generous donor herself.  She told me of how she felt spurred to action to help Arnold.  It was so interesting, as we described our feelings, me at the time I saw Arnold and she at the time she was deciding to donate: we both felt agitated, like there was such an urgency.  It turns out that I found Arnold just days after she made the donation. Because of these dear women, Arnold will get to have a happy ending.

There are other miracles, too precious and close to my heart to share here, as I'm sure you have in your own life.  But I am so grateful to have eyes that can see them, to see a God watching over our family and our son half way around the world.


  1. Wow, this gave me chills (in a good way). I remember his profile mentioning the volunteer - how amazing that you get to meet with her. And I had no idea that she was the one responsible for getting him listed on Reece's. I wish every orphan could have an Olga.

  2. Oh Becky, this is amazing. I am in tears. Those two weeks waiting for your family page were agonizing enough for ME, so I can't even imagine how Olga felt!

    God is so, SO good!!

    I am so happy to hear he is not being transferred and that he has had someone love him this whole time.

  3. I am in tears (of happiness) knowing that Arnold will not be transfered before you can bring him home! What a beautiful story God is weaving! I am Rachel Baxter's sister and have been praying for Arnold since she brought him to our attention 3 months ago. Blessings :)

  4. brings tears to my eyes! God is good!!

  5. That's incredible. So happy for you!

    Nikki - get your blog designed and support education around the world!

  6. I'm so excited to join you in this journey! Arnold is going to be so happy in your family. Best wishes!