Thursday, March 22, 2012


It just makes my heart dance to see your comments and watch the traffic to our site.  What a great community of people to belong to!!!  I have so enjoyed browsing around many of your own adoption sites, in wonder of all the goodness out there.  I think I finally feel something in my life I have wanted to feel for a long time.  So many times I have watched the news and have seen people in great distress, poverty, abuse, etc. and wanted to do something about it.  Our church has an amazing humanitarian aid side to it and I know that my tithing and donations have done such good, but none of it has been personal.  It is so incredibly humbling to be able to see the precious face of a child who will be saved by the generosity of others.  Adoption is truly possible only by the efforts of many people.  It is humbling and awe-inspiring to watch it unfold.  So thank you, for your kind comments, words of encouragement, acceptance and love.  

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