Saturday, March 23, 2013

Red Square

The day before we came home we had the chance to visit Red Square one more time with a reporter from Time Magazine.  He wanted to chat with us about our situation for part of a story they wanted to publish.  His photographer was out of town that day, but he was nice enough to use my camera to snap some photos of us on the iconic square. He was such a nice guy with an interesting story.  He was born in Moscow and moved to the U.S. as a child.  When he became a reporter he decided to move back to Moscow to be with family and do his job.  Yet another fascinating person to get to know.

Gabe kept wanting to run off on his own, and fell down.  He wasn't used to the uneven ground.

"Paka Paka, Russia!"
"Say Cheese!"

We took them inside the GUM to defrost :-)
Looking at these photos brings back so many memories and also reminds me of how far Gabe has come in only a month's time.  I remember how he tried to run on Red Square, and how it made me feel sad for him because he had no sense of staying with his mom.  He simply didn't know that I was "his person", the one that would keep him safe and guide him through this big crowd.  When he fell down and got hurt, and then cold, I just wanted to hold him close and tell him it would all be okay, that I wasn't going anywhere and I would always make sure he was warm and safe.  Now, he understands.  He comes to me when he's hurt.  He holds my hand when I tell him to.  He looks for me when we are apart.  We aren't 100% there yet, but we've come oh so far since those days in Russia.

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  1. So wonderful, I love how he is learning what a Mama is!! Love you guys!